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Guiltless Bites

D's Guiltless Bites

This book aims to help people start living a healthy lifestyle in an easy yet affordable way. The recipes have been well thought of, and there is a variety of recipes that can target a wide range of people who have different preferences but still aim to eat flavorful, healthy food.
  • Guiltless Bites
  • Deena H. Foudeh A book by
    Deena H. Foudeh
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What will the customer get from this book?

Help people start living a healthy lifestyle in an easy yet affordable way.

A variety of

recipes that satisfy people with different food diets.


recipes that mostly contain ingredients that are found at home.

Time efficient

recipes that satisfy people who don’t have much free time.


recipes that will ensure the satisfaction of your taste buds.


recipes that will encourage you to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

The Book Chapters

  1. Breakfast
  1. Appetizer
  1. Salad
  1. Soup
  1. Main Dish
Main Dish
  1. Dessert
  1. Beverage

Message to the customers:

If you are one that craves all types of food that are either junk or contain way too much sugar, and having to satisfy this craving leaves you guilty – then you’ve found the right book! My guiltless bites will help satisfy your cravings in the healthiest, easiest and fastest way possible.

In the making of this book, I have kept in mind all the rather unhealthy food that We “sweet tooth-ers” often crave and transformed them into a better and healthier versions of themselves.

I hope this book inspires you to invest your time in putting the effort required to become healthy, whereas a healthy lifestyle is a journey, and I’m glad you chose me to be part of this journey. Good luck and may my healthy recipes be ever in your favor.

Message to the customers

Who This Book Is For

13 years old and above

Users who are 13 years old and above, whereas some of the recipes include complicated steps and need certain cooking tools that aren’t very suitable for children.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Users who are looking into adopting a healthy lifestyle and who try to find more affordable healthy meals in the scope of their own kitchen.

Time efficient recipes

Users with limited free time who need quick time efficient recipes that are healthy

On a budget

Users who are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on overpriced ingredients found in most healthy recipes.
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Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.
Amazing book, full of detailed recipes that allowed me and my family of 4 to enjoy delicious healthy meals without having to search for expensive ingredients.... straight to the point and simply delicious
Omar Abu Eid
Excellent book, it helped me create healthy recipes very easily, and it recommended cheap ingredients too!
Yara Mismar
The recipes are not only healthy, they are very tasty and their ingredients are not hard to find which is what distinguishes this cook book from other ones, it’s a great and well thought book, very well done
Aisha Khalil
The book is nice and the recipes are easy to follow, I am not one who cooks very often but these recipes encouraged me to start adapting a healthier lifestyle
Majd Al Ashqar
Deena H. Foudeh

About The Author

I am 16 years old and very passionate about cooking and creating delicious meals. Since a very young age, I’ve been fascinated by the nutritional value of the things we consume. I would always find myself looking for healthier alternatives whenever I’m craving something. And throughout the years, my passion for cooking and baking was growing – I would spend a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother, and there’s nothing I’d enjoy more than observing her creating the most delicious homemade meals. The thing about these meals however, is that they aren’t very healthy because for example they contain a high percentage of saturated fats and sugar which aren’t the best option when consumed regularly. This left me haunting and trying alternative ingredients to turn recipes into healthy ones while enjoying a beautiful taste using affordable ingredients.